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Share your Instagram photos and videos on Twitter (and all social networks) in the most shocking way. Easy and free!

It's frustrating to share your Instagram posts on Twitter. In your timeline appears a simple link to Instagram, and your post does not stand out from the others because it lacks a graphic image. No matter how much you have taken care of that photograph or that video that you have published in Instagram: at the time of sharing it on Twitter will be a simple link.

InstagramTweet solves this in a very simple way that you can also automate in multiple ways. Your Instagram posts will be more prominent than ever. It even gives you an RSS feed of your Instagram to post to Twitter all your new post automatically through tools like Hootsuite or Sprout Social.

Do you think that with IFTTT or Zapier already you had well solved this? Here we explain in detail why it's better with InstagramTweet.

When you share your Instagram post on Twitter it looks this way

Your Instagram contents go completely unnoticed in the timeline. What a mess!

But that's how you see it when you share it using InstagramTweet!

Everything is advantages!

Using InstagramTweet is very simple and only gives you advantages. It's the only platform that offers you everything to get the most out of Instagram on your Twitter!

As you can see, using InstagramTweet your Instagram contents are much more attractive in social networks like Twitter and Facebook. You will get many more likes and your followers will want to share it! Unlike other solutions, your followers will see your Instagram publication directly when they click on the photo.

Keep in mind that InstagramTweet only works with public posts. Works with both photos and videos. And not just on Twitter! You can also automatically share your Instagram posts on Facebook and practically any platform.

Ready to start?

Follow these links to discover everything you can do with InstagramTweet to highlight more than ever, and in the simplest possible way, your Instagram contents in social networks.

Share manually

Automatically share using IFTTT

Share automatically via RSS (Hootsuite, Sprout Social, FeedPoster, Deliver It and similar)

Where do I see more Instagram posts shared on Twitter with InstagramTweet?

If you do not have enough with the examples that we have put a little higher, you can follow the account of InstagramTweet in Twitter. You'll see how good a Twitter timeline looks like with Instagram's popular account posts thanks to the magic of InstagramTweet!

These Twitter accounts already use InstagramTweet to share Instagram content in a more visual way: Pets Are BFF | NY 4 New York | Paris Remembers | Madrid Moments | BCN 4 Barcelona.

Support InstagramTweet!

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You can recommend InstagramTweet to your friends, comment on your blog ... or even make a donation with which to help cover service costs (servers, bandwidth, a snack ...). You can also help me translate the page into other languages. All help is good, either in the form of recommendation and publicity, collaboration or any amount of money if you consider it appropriate. The service is going to remain free, but you work with more motivation when you feel the support of the people.

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