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Share your Instagram posts automatically with RSS

InstagramTweet automatically creates an RSS feed from your Instagram! Sharing your Instagram posts on social networks has never been so easy ... And it's free!

If you already have a social networking management tool, such as Hootsuite or Sprout Social, you know the convenience of automating Instagram publications on your Twitter. However, Instagram does not offer a simple way to have the RSS feed of your timeline, and Twitter also shows Instagram links in a very unattractive way.

You can solve this in a very simple way. Not only will you have the RSS of your Instagram (or whoever you want, whenever it is a public account) but also share it on Twitter or Facebook will appear as shocking as possible. Without any effort! Share your Instagram posts on Twitter with the InstagramTweet style. If you still do not know how this service considerably improves the appearance of your Twitter timeline, click here.

And not just with your Instagram account! You can also use the Instagram RSS of your favorite artist, or your sports team, for example, to update your Twitter with attractive contents of your favorite stars and share it with all your followers in social networks.

imply use this URL as an RSS feed (change your_instagram_user by your username in Instagram):


For example, Madonna's Instagram RSS feed would be:


And that of Lady Gaga would be:


Don't you like pop music? Well, this would be the Instagram RSS of The Rolling Stones (they're on tour!):


It's that simple! And so for free! Without registering or leaving your personal information. It is not surprising? Of course, this works only if the Instagram user is public.

No limits with your Instagram RSS!

You can use the Instagram RSS to automatically post all your posts on Twitter and Facebook with all the advantages of InstagramTweet, including a more attractive aspect of the content in your timeline. You will get more likes and your content will be shared much more! For this you can use free tools like IFTTT, FeedPoster or Deliver It.